Although there has been a great deal of media coverage about concussion, many do not realize that concussion can be a subtle diagnosis that is often missed. 

Computerized testing is limited to evaluation of memory, concentration and reaction time. However, many different parts of the brain can be affected and computerized testing often will miss changes in personality, coordination, mood and behavior. 

Dr. Kelly has been a professional ringside physician attending to the acute care and evaluation of concussion in professional collegiate and high school contact sports for more than a decade. He has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of professional boxers and mixed martial arts fighters (cage fighting) since 2004. Ringside physicians see more concussions in one night than most sports doctors and neurologists see in a year. 

Using this extensive experience with cutting edge technology has allowed us to develop a comprehensive approach to concussion that is based on the rapidly changing medical knowledge. Dr. Kelly uses a concussion evaluation method that is focused on the whole athlete and not just a simple computer test. We have newer technologies available including state of the art eye tracking equipment.

Our approach concentrates on a gradual return to play that is based on each individuals ability and healing time. 

Treatments include relative cognitive rest, medication, and progressive exercise based on new research showing improved outcomes.

Concussion Evaluation and treatment