Dr. Kelly has been on the cutting edge of sports medicine technology since completing his training at the University of Pennsylvania Sports Medicine Fellowship. 

The use of in office musculoskeletal ultrasound has changed the approach to injuries. The combination of xrays and ultrasound can often make and immediate diagnosis. Few physicians use this technology because there is a steep learning curve and considerable investment of time and resources. However, we routinely use in office ultrasound to make the diagnosis and guide treatment. 

Minimally invasive techniques using Tenex and other ultrasound guided tools allows Dr. Kelly to often treat an injury with minimal damage to local tissue and rapid recovery. 

Dr. Kelly utilizes newer approaches that try to minimize damage to the body but enhance healing. Treatments like PRP and stem cells have changes sports medicine approaches. They use the body to heal itself by taking cells and plasma from the blood or bone marrow and injecting into the injured tissues.

Dr. Kelly was the first physician in the tristate area to adopt and perfect this new approach to sports injuries and routinely travels and teaches the techniques to other physicians