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Snapping scapula is a condition where a grinding sensation and a crackling or snapping sound occurs with movement of the scapula (shoulder blade). There may be associated pain with the snapping. Snapping scapula is usually a benign condition that is caused by grating or rubbing of the scapula against an inflamed bursa or scar tissue under the scapula. Previous injuries to the shoulder or upper back can lead to muscle strength imbalances that may contribute to snapping scapula syndrome. This condition is usually associated with contact sports or previous injury. If pain is present, it is usually curable with treatment.



Snapping, grating, or popping of the shoulder or scapula, often painless

Aching or catching pain under the scapula that is worsened with shoulder motion



Strengthening exercises for scapula stability, and modification of the activities contributing to pain.

Osteopathic manipulation of the thoracic spine and rib cage can often eliminate symptoms.

Corticosteroid injections used in conjunction with osteopathic manipulation is often curative but may need to be repeated.

Rarely surgery is required to remove inflamed bursa or scar tissue.